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Sponsored by: NACC (The National AIDS Control Council), JIACTIVATE

The Maisha on the Road 1 project was a 4-day road trip-based activation for young people aimed at reaching them through experiential learning. The first phase covered the Kwale, Kilifi and Mombasa Counties and was sponsored by the National AIDS Control Council (NACC) and JIACTIVATE.

Through the Maisha Youth on the Road 1 project, Maisha Youth aimed to bridge the information gap by offering information and services to the young people through reaching them where they are, offering the information in a manner that is easy to understand, and on their own terms.  

Goals of the project:

The overall objective of the project was to reach out to adolescents and young people with comprehensive information packaged and delivered in a fun and innovative way, while facilitating an intergenerational dialogue in the different town stops to get realistic views and opinions of young.

The Maisha on the road 1 indicators of achievement were:

  1. Test 2,000 adolescents, young people, and the general populous
  2. Reach 3,000 young people with one on one information, knowledge and skills
  3. Distribute 10,000 condoms to adolescents, young people and the general population.


  • 18,000 condoms were distributed to the young people in the three counties visited including the general populous.
  • Almost 4500 people were reached by the team to give information booklets on HIV and SRHR during the roadshows and activation in the public beaches.
  • Social media recorded an addition of +1738 Impressions in the 7 days of the activation with 55% being men and 45% women aged 18-24 on Instagram, while Twitter saw a total of 3,435 impressions and engagements in total.