Leadership and Governance

Maisha Youth believes in advocacy for the basic human rights of a Young Person with a bias to health rights. Young people’s active and meaningful participation in their societies and in democratic processes is a crucial part to achieving this. Meaningful youth participation in leadership (be it electoral or administrative) ensures that young people and youth-led organizations have opportunities that benefit from an enabling environment and relevant evidence based programmes and policies at all levels. The main challenges facing young people are limited opportunities for meaningful participation in decision-making processes. With this limited opportunities and exposure young people feel excluded and marginalized in their own society and community. The need for participatory structures and greater trust between the youth and institutions, for greater capacity development is KEY. Efforts to focus on the most vulnerable young people, including specific actions targeting young people living with disability and Key Populations are now at the forefront of Maisha Youth’s Agenda.
  • Date
    September 4, 2018
    In collaboration with Jiactivate; (a youth led movement focusing on leadership and governance with four areas of focus : Corruption, Unemployment, Health and Food Security), Maisha […]